Etheal Official Airdrop
Limited: only for the first 5,000 participants!*
*UPDATE: we extended our campaign for a limited time, you can still join!

You have to stay in Telegram, follow Twitter, like Facebook page until the end of the token sale!

1. Join telegram: (You can not discuss the airdrop in the main channel)*

2. Follow Twitter:

3. Retweet this tweet:

4. Like Facebook:

5. Join bounty telegram: (you can ask questions about airdrop ONLY here)

6. Fill the questions below

Airdrop tokens will be distributed 10 days after the token sale ENDS.

You will get a ref link to you email address in a few days!

If you post any spam, link or unwanted content, you will get banned from the telegram group and the airdrop reward.

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US citizens and residents can not participate.

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There is a strict rule that you can not discuss the airdrop in the main channel.

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If you have any question please feel free to ask in the BOUNTY Telegram group ONLY: